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Black Widow Arrows

Black Widow Bolt

Black Widow Bolt

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Introducing the "Bolt" – the latest innovation from Black Widow Arrows. Engineered with high-performance carbon fiber weave technology, this crossbow bolt is designed to deliver unparalleled power and precision. Weighing in at just 9.9 grains per inch, the Bolt is optimized for maximum velocity and penetration. Equipped with a 100-grain insert, it provides bone-crushing impact, ensuring every shot counts. Plus, all orders come with a 100-grain field tip.

These bolts feature an outside diameter of 8.8 mm and an inside diameter of 7.6 mm, using a half-moon ("crescent style") nock that is not compatible with Raven crossbows. Experience the cutting-edge advantage with Black Widow Arrows' Bolt – where power meets perfection.

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